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Cancer now affects 1 in 2 of the population and is increasing, partly due to population demographics and partly due to lifestyle factors.  The majority of cancers seen are solid tumours (9 out of the 10 most prevalent).

Breast, prostate, lung and bowel cancers together accounted for more than half (53%) of all new cancer cases in the UK in 2017.  *(53% of all reported cancers in the UK according to CRUK statistics), with incidence of kidney cancer, melanoma skin cancer, and head and neck cancers markedly increased over the past decade in the UK (2015-2017).  Incidence rates are projected to rise for most types of cancer in the UK between 2014 and 2035.  (CRUK statistics).

Worldwide cancer drug sales reached $145.4 billion in 2019, expected to more than double their sales to $311.2 billion by 2026.  Source: EvaluatePharma, Feb 2021.