Current Focus: Incanthera’s Skincare Range

The Company's current focus is a range of dermatological applications utilising its unique formulation and delivery technologies to meet currently unmet needs in the skincare market.

The Company is currently focussed upon delivering this range to a commercial partner.

The skincare market (including dermatology and cosmetics) is vast and growing rapidly, with global revenues projected to reach $180 billion by 2024.

Incanthera’s skincare technology harnesses unique delivery pathways through recently patented formulations designed by our in-house experts who have previously formulated skincare for some of the world’s leading skincare and pharmaceutical companies. These formulations fortify otherwise depleted physiological pathways to improve the skin’s performance, ability to self-repair and to address previously unmet cosmetic conditions in skin health.

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Independent studies show Incanthera’s technology is uniquely effective in delivering Bioactive B3 (an activated form of niacinamide) below the dermal barrier,  directly into the skin’s cells. Energising the living cells of the skin to optimise cellular health, energy and protective capabilities, our formation range maintains natural health and protection against adverse environmental challenges and maintaining even skin tones.

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This range will include the Company’s new, potentially innovative topical product for the treatment of solar keratosis and the prevention of skin cancers.  

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We will continue to apply our expertise and technology in development of further targeted products and areas of unmet need.