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Company secures IP protection in Japan for ICT01

May 2014 Incanthera received notice of allowance from Japan Patent Office, expanding protection for ICT01

 The Company’s most advanced programme, ICT01, focuses on the development of a new anticancer agent, which has been dubbed a ‘smart bomb’.  ICT01 releases a warhead when in contact with an enzyme specifically released by a cancer. Preclinical in vitro and in vivo data are very encouraging and company is preparing the programme for a Phase I clinical trial.

The Company secured protection in Japan for its lead programme ICT01.

Receiving Notice of Allowance in Japan for our ICT01 programme is very important to the company and its commercial ambitions. Protection in the Japan offers exclusivity in this very important market. We have now secured two very important markets US and Japan. We believe our continuous effort to bring novel anticancer agents to the clinic will offer improved treatment options.