What We Do

Developing Cancer Therapeutics

Incanthera is seeking to develop cancer therapeutics from a low cost base via a productive pipeline of early stage technology opportunities.

Managed by a team of experienced individuals drawn from commercial, scientific and regulatory backgrounds, the team also has experience in the establishment, growth and exit of small to medium sized companies.

An agreement has been secured with the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics, providing the Company with the opportunity to acquire any innovative technology or product offering in the field of oncology (including diagnostics) emerging from their research platform. This has resulted in two drug development programmes being acquired by the company to date, with a pipeline of future opportunities already identified.

It is the company’s intention to take the drug programmes through into early human clinical trials (Phase I/II), obtaining valuable safety and efficacy data and then commercialise through licensing deals with larger pharmaceutical company partners.

The company operates ‘virtually’, meaning that the core management team coordinate and direct an extensive team of highly qualified individuals and organisations on a contract basis. This ensures optimum cost control whilst consistently employing the most up to date knowledge and technologies.