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Incanthera receives positive data skin sensitisation study of skin cancer technology Sol

The specialist oncology firm said it is delighted with the results, which demonstrate that Sol is "non-irritant”

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Incanthera PLC (AQSE:INC) has received positive data from a skin sensitisation study of its Sol skin cancer technology, which demonstrate it is “non-irritant”.

Sol is a proprietary topical formulation designed to deliver an active agent into the skin that is known to prevent the formation of solar (actinic) keratosis and skin cancer.

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Studies carried out in collaboration between XCellR8 and Cutest, a clinical research organisation with expertise in trials using topical applications, have demonstrated “very good correlation” between results using the methodology of this study and those obtained in clinical mildness studies.

Sol's "non-irritancy" was found to be comparable to baby sun protection products tested previously, Incanthera said, with Sol scoring better than products that would be defined as "very mild".

The specialist oncology firm said it is delighted with the results, providing a further valuable marker of the asset and this technology.

“This additional positive data on Sol greatly enhances the product's overall profile and supports our ongoing negotiations with potential commercial partners,” said chairman Tim McCarthy in a statement.