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Notice of Interim Results - Investor Presentation

Incanthera plc (AQSE: INC) is pleased to announce that it will report its interim results for the six months ended 30 September 2020, on Tuesday 8 December 2020.

The Company will provide a live presentation of its results via the Investor Meet Company (“IMC”) platform on Tuesday 8 December at 12.30 p.m.

The Company is committed to ensuring that there are appropriate communication structures for all elements of its shareholder base so that its strategy, business model and performance are clearly understood.

  • Questions can be submitted pre-event via your IMC dashboard or at any time during the live presentation via the "Ask a Question" function. Although the Company may not be able to answer every question it receives, it will address the most prominent within the confines of information already in the public domain. Responses to the Q&A from the live presentation will be published at the earliest opportunity on the IMC platform. No inside information will be given at the presentation.
  • Investor feedback can also be submitted directly to management post-event (please see below for contact details).

Investors can sign up to Investor Meet Company for free and add to meet Incanthera via:

Investors who have already registered and added to meet the Company will be automatically invited.

This announcement contains inside information for the purposes of Article 7 of EU Regulation 596/2014.

The Directors of Incanthera accept responsibility for this announcement.

For further information, please contact:

Incanthera plc

Tim McCarthy, Chairman

+44 (0) 7831 675747

Simon Ward, Chief Executive Officer

+44 (0) 7747 625506

Suzanne Brocks, Head of Communications 

+44 (0) 7776 234600

Aquis Exchange Corporate Adviser:
Cairn Financial Advisers LLP
Jo Turner/James Lewis  

+44 (0) 20 7213 0880                                                                          

Stanford Capital Partners Ltd
Patrick Claridge/John Howes/Bob Pountney

+44 (0) 20 3815 8880

Notes to Editors

Incanthera is a specialist oncology company focused on transforming cancer treatment by creating environments in which cancer cannot survive. It seeks to identify and develop innovative solutions to current clinical, commercially relevant unmet needs, utilising new technology from leading academic institutions.

The Company’s current lead product and focus is Sol, a potentially innovative topical product for the treatment of solar keratosis and the prevention of skin cancers. This has achieved proof of concept and the Company is now focussed upon delivering Sol to a commercial partner within 12-18 months of listing.

The Company originated from the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics (ICT) at the University of Bradford and, in addition to Sol, has acquired and developed a portfolio of specific cancer-targeting therapeutics through a Pipeline Agreement with the ICT and other corporate acquisitions. Incanthera’s strategy is to develop each candidate in the portfolio from initial acquisition or discovery to securing its future through commercially valuable partnerships at the earliest opportunity in its development pathway.

The majority of conventional cancer treatments (other than surgery) on the market are chemotherapy or radiotherapy based. These are non-selective by nature and highly toxic to healthy tissue as well as tumours. Accordingly, treatment can only be delivered in carefully controlled doses over a limited period of time. To address this problem directly, the Company has developed sophisticated formulation and prodrug targeting technologies to deliver treatment specifically to the tumour. Prodrugs are chemically modified versions of pharmacologically active agents which only become active when they reach a target, thus reducing generalised toxicity in normal tissues, whilst enabling higher doses to reach a target and therefore increase efficacy.

Incanthera’s Board and management possess a broad range of commercial, scientific and public company experience. In addition, Incanthera benefits from a diverse, experienced team of advisers who cover the necessary range of specialities required for all aspects of the Company’s business, and also has a number of beneficial collaborative relationships with both clinicians and clinical centres. In particular, the Pipeline Agreement with the ICT, provides a strong working relationship with a world-recognised oncology research institute and access to future pipeline opportunities.

For more information on the Company please visit: