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Company starts preclinical development of ICT03-Es5 agent

Incanthera begins an advanced preclinical programme for ICT03-Es5, acquired alongside Onco-NX earlier this year

Incanthera advances preclinical development of ICT03-Es5, a targeted bioreductive agent. Es5 is a DT-Diaphorase activated anticancer agent offering high level of specificity with improved stability. Additionally, in vivo tests suggest the potential for a clinically friendly treatment regimen without comprising antitumor efficacy. The company plans to complete preclinical phase and enter the first clinical trial in 2015.

 The recent decision to incorporate Es5 into the company’s portfolio via the acquisition of Onco-NX has expanded the company portfolio with a very credible approach to targeting cancer therapies. We are all very excited about this programme and the opportunity to have two discovery compounds in the clinic by the end of next year. Moreover, we are pleased both our programmes have backing from highly regarded UK clinicians. Incanthera is striving to offer improved options for anticancer therapies to patients globally.